Well cared car paint is a flagship of every driver. However, not only new autos may catch an eye with their rich colours and a flawless glow. Such effect may be achieved also in used cars, gaining a high quality protection of the paint structure at the same time.

The Nanoformula company in its offer owes a high class ceramic products that serve to conservation of car paint.

Nano Ceramic Protect Soft is the high quality product protecting car paint surface from a harmful influence of external causes. Unusually easy and short lasting (about 30 minutes) method of preparation application, allows to gain an excellent effect with a minimum workload. Thanks to the ceramic structure, the covering which we gain, protects the paint from the permanent impurity, and environmental factors, which have a negative influence on its condition. The preparation molecular create an invisible net, which advantages allow to save time and money, devoted to frequent paint clean so far. Nano Ceramic Protect Soft stays on a surface of paint up to 12 months, however it is recommended to refresh the surface after 6 months.


The advantage of Nano Ceramic Protect Soft use:

  • Easy in application,
  • Durable up to 12 months,
  • UV radiation resistance,
  • High hydrophobicity: the phenomenon of water and impurity molecules repulse from a surface of a paint covered by preparation, which stays dry and clean for a long time,
  • Protection from harmful environmental factors,
  • High paint glow, rich and nourished colour.




Paint renovation

In order to gain a proper colour depth effect, high glow, the ceramic coverings shall be applied on a new paint or after a correction. It shall not be applied on a damaged or scratched paint covering.

Car paint before correction                                             Car paint after correction