Nano Ceramic Protect Hard 9H

Nano Ceramic Protect are a revolutionary surface protection products. Well cared car paint is a flagship for every driver. However, not only new cars may catch an eye with their rich colours and a flawless glow. Such effect may be achieved also in used cars, gaining a high quality protection of the paint structure at the same time.

Protection coating Nano Ceramic Protect Hard 9H

The Nano Ceramic Protect Hard 9H product – the protection coating with a molecular ceramic 3D structure of the best quality, currently available on a market, owes a 9H hardness certificate, which is an attest which certifies the highest protection coverings endurance. As a result of connection of molecules preparation on a paint surface in tight web, it crystallizes and creates a resistant and durable protection layer.

Hard 9H tests of the coating 

The coating was tested and examined many times and those tests were performed by research units and detailing experts and customers. High hardness and flexibility of the preparation, after application of one layer guarantees an endurance of the 9H protection coating even in the extremely difficult atmospheric conditions. Only one application is needed to gain an amazing evenness and thickness of the covering.



Paint renovation

In order to gain a proper colour depth effect, high glow, the ceramic coverings shall be applied on a new paint or after a correction. It shall not be applied on a damaged or scratched paint covering.


Car paint before correction                                             Car paint after correction


Advantages of Nano Ceramic Protect Hard 9H use:

  • High hydrophobicity,
  • UV radiation resistance,
  • High temperatures resistance,
  • No vulnerability on corrosion or oxidation,
  • Resistance on chemical compounds influence,
  • Deep and rich colour,
  • High paint glow,
  • Scratches resistance,
  • Covering does not submit to a wash (ex. in the car wash), it can be removed only by paint polishing.